Reassess Needs

I forgot to do this part earlier.  Good job, silly.  

So far, I have struggled the most with remembering to record my spending.  It isn’t so much that I am trying to lie to myself, but that I just have trouble recording it somewhere once it is done.  

I really do prefer cash to my debit card, but luckily, debit card spending is recorded automatically and put in my online banking records, so it is easy to follow and see.  

Mayhaps for the semester, I will try to limit my cash spending and do it all on a debit card.  Or maybe just be more careful.  

In the spring, I really want to help myself (and others) create a budget that is realistic and also fits the lifestyle wants/needs that a young adult is obligated to accommodate.     


About sunlightsnow

I am working 40 hours and going to school full-time, which means what little life I can lead will be consumed with work, schoolwork, and sleeping.
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