Week 1: Sunday purchases

I promised honesty and transparency, so here it is.  All my Sunday errand running out in the open for you to see.  

Though to keep some sense of personal boundaries, if I buy something you don’t need to know all the details about, I will use euphemisms and such to keep it simple.  


  • Up & Up Girl products: $13.42 
  • Up & Up denture cleaner (for my nightguard that I wear to keep from grinding my teeth away to nothing): $2.94
  • Up & Up cotton balls: $1.89 
  • Up & Up allergy medicine cetirizine $24.99 (it’s a larger quantity bottle)
  • Apples, honeycrisp $7.14 
  • Christmas socks, 2 pairs, $4.00 
  • TOTAL WITH TAX: $56.22 


  • 10.957 gallons @ $2.859/gallon: $31.33 (Word to the wise: Ten cent discounts are great…)


  • Relora $13.99 

So I spent $99.70 today.  


About sunlightsnow

I am working 40 hours and going to school full-time, which means what little life I can lead will be consumed with work, schoolwork, and sleeping.
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