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The above is my slideshow of 10 images.  I chose to document the process of getting my car washed.  It presented a unique obstacle, though: how to get interesting shots?  Initially, I took about 20 shots and narrowed it down to ten at home.  The first one is a basic, deep space, one point convergence shot of the location of a dollar bill changer.  The funny part is, of course, that the changer machine was no where near where the sign told me to go…

I tried to mimic the “under the train” shot style and took a picture from underneath while I changed the bill.  I like the end effect.  The same sentiment goes for the shot of the quarters.  The other people using the car wash definitely thought I was nuts, though.  One of them gave me a funny look when I was taking the shots of the automatic wash before I got back into my car.  Perhaps the middle of the day on a Saturday was not the time for this sort of thing.

The sixth picture in the set is deep space.  It is clear that my car could keep coming in straight for the camera and take up more and more of the frame, just like Block talks about in relation to zooming and focusing the camera.  For ambiguous space, the image of my sunroof getting cleaned by the autowash was not only my favorite but a reasonable example.  It is not entirely clear how large the cabin of my car is or how large the autowash is.  The flat space picture of the autowash floor could be better, though.  There’s a little too much depth suggested with that pesky blue pole in the shot…My  best attempt at limited space was almost okay, but there’s a bit of background peeking out!  The main focus is on the menu button system for the autowash.

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I am working 40 hours and going to school full-time, which means what little life I can lead will be consumed with work, schoolwork, and sleeping.
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