Mind Maps and Madame Alexander

Well damn.

We were making mind maps in class last time, and I wanted to show you my lovely mind map I made, but the website isn’t jazzed about me copying the screen or posting the picture here.  Oh well.  I will still give points to Bubbl for being awesome and providing me with a nice web tool.

I also learned about all these cool Life Hacking tools which make your life easier and all that stuff.  For example, Drop Box is an online tool that allows me to store all kinds of things (2 GB) and back things up remotely.  Super excited, I plan on using that one.

And now all I need is a site that will let me upload video for free…I am still waiting on upgrading my Weebly account so I can upload my cooking videos.  I need to do that because my website due date is looming, and it has to be polished and complete very very soon.  The longer I wait, the more horrible it will be in November as opposed to easy.

I think I will take some of my non-roll over PTO days from work in November and just sit down those days and work on the website.  That way, I can devote myself to completing and finishing this before it is due.  I can’t get much done on the weekends, and I know I never get quality work done at 11:00 PM (when I usually can be found playing on my Weebly page).

Maybe I can even take some in December and survive school after all.

For my research paper, I plan to go to the Library one night next week and just park my butt there for two or three hours searching the web and the books on connectivity and technology.  Hopefully I will get a brainwave as to how to make the sculpture I committed to making for my visual.  I was thinking a mannequin head like the ones you see at a hair salon which creepily stare you down from the ceiling where they line shelves?  And maybe some sort of trunk/body structure.

Or maybe I need to think smaller scale because I have to be able to carry this.  Yes yes.  Think small, like Michael’s craft store small.  Maybe Madame Alexander doll-size?



Madame Alexander image from the Madame Alexander website: http://www.madamealexander.com/product/350332/48855/_/Return_to_Tara_Scarlett%26%238482;_from_The_Gone_With_the_Wind_Collection_-_Wendy_8_inch_doll

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I am working 40 hours and going to school full-time, which means what little life I can lead will be consumed with work, schoolwork, and sleeping.
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