Class Leaders and Ear Infection

Urgh, remind me to never get an ear infection.  I started feeling crappy on Thursday; I woke up with that funny tingle in my throat that everyone gets right before they get sick.  So, naturally, I guzzled all the “immunity” drinks and such that I could find, but to no avail.  I just got worse on Friday at work, left work early on Friday, and actually stayed home from work today.  I went to the Minute Clinic on Friday after work, and the RN person told me I had an ear infection and prescribed me some amoxicillin.

As it is, I was well on Tuesday when my group presented and lead the group discussion.  We discussed attention and multitasking with our classmates.  Most everyone agreed that they multitask and that they are good at it.  Classmates mentioned how they all liked the technologies and constantly being connected, that it is not a bad thing.  Another student mentioned that he works at the local community college as a student helper, and a college student approached him when he was at work with a question.  This student with a question, he had headphones blaring the entire time he was talking to my classmate.  But he was still able to hold the conversation!

The 10th Kingdom

People like that, they amaze me and bother me.  They amaze me because they are carrying on conversations despite God-knows how many decibels in their ears.  How exactly do you discern a human voice between all that noise?  People like that also bother me because I am jealous that I am unable to do the same.  I freely admit that I am horrible at multitasking.  Right now, I have The 10th Kingdom, a really old NBC miniseries running on my TV as I do this blog post.  However, I have seen this show so many times I can probably tell you the story in my sleep.  Like right now, one of the main characters is going to set some magic birds free and piss off a gypsy.  When I know something backwards and forwards, I can totally handle it and something else.  But, for example, a classmate mentioned driving somewhere new?  I do exactly what they do: turn down the radio and turn up the GPS instructions!

Finally, one classmate mentioned a dinner party she had attended where all the attendees were busy playing “Words With Friends” on their cell phones and not paying very good attention to one another.  She said she didn’t remember anything else from the party, except how no one was really interacting with one another.  How sad.  If I ever get to host a dinner party like I want to, everyone will be required to put their phones in the off position.  The point of a party is to have fun with the people who are physically present!

I remember distinctly that when I worked at Macy’s, there was a promotion we did to raise awareness for hunger.  We tried to get customers to host dinner parties and raise money for a charity.  The point, obviously, was to “Come Together” to raise awareness among your friends while having an excuse to get together (and buy Macy’s products to host the party).

It was pretty effective, I know of a few customers who had parties.  I wanted to host my own, but I had no clue who I could possibly invite. Plus, my house is tiny, so that would be off putting for people used to extravagant parties with drinks, vodka, and hams.

Someone did say something that stuck with me: friendship is only as artificial as you think it is.  This was in reference to us mocking the concept of having multiple Facebook friends and whether these connections are artificial or not.  Now, I freely admit to being friends with people simply because they amuse me, or because we were never proper friends in high school and I think that by being Facebook-friends this will make up for it.  Or, now that people are no longer held back by the clique behavior of high school, it is easier to be friends with someone and stay in touch with them.   There are a lot of reasons to make connections with people on Facebook.  But really, 500 friends?  Please.

Urgh, I just coughed up yucky stuff.  Ear infections are awful.  My head hurts more than my ears.  Or maybe it is inside my ears and I just feel it in my head, that must be it.  Argh.  Back to bed for me.

Painful ear pain

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