New Post, New Concepts

Now that I figured out this blog thing, I freely admit I went back to my old diaryland site to see if I could come up with a more creative page title, and unfortunately for me, the title for the other site was brilliant 5 years ago when I named it, but now, I dislike it.  Either way, I have established this for my UTD 2321 and 2322 classes.  I should be able to post two different times, one for each class, but we’ll see how that goes.  That would be the most centralized thing to do, and I really do prefer life when it is all put together in one place.  That is one thing that bothers me about the campus: everything is so spread out!  CCCC spoiled me with a central building which is essentially one giant hallway with a few arterial hallways here and there.

I also attended my other night class tonight, we got out early.  While I had initially planned to head to the bookstore to get my texts, I called ahead and found out, “The bookstore closes at 8 pm on Thursday.”  Well, cripes, it was 8:30 when I dialed the number…no textbooks for me tonight!  But that is what early bedtimes and rising and shining is for.

My Wednesday night class (tonight’s class) is in a Mac lab at the college; this scares me to death.  My sister uses a Mac, and when I visited her this summer, I promise you I almost broke that computer trying to check my email.  I know I am biased since my first laptop was a Sony, but really, Macs are just set up differently, and I like complicated Windows with its pesky error messages and freak-out boxes:  “Oh no!  You clicked a fatal button, so now your program will shut down, leaving you to cuss for the rest of the hour.  Sucks to be you…”   (That’s exactly what the messages want to say, but they say something nicer and generally politer with that unhappy, exclamation-point noise.)

Either way, I am more concerned with getting to class on time tomorrow lest the classroom change and I don’t find out about it.  *sigh*  Such is life.

About sunlightsnow

I am working 40 hours and going to school full-time, which means what little life I can lead will be consumed with work, schoolwork, and sleeping.
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